Sunday, 2 June 2013


So today, Nicole and I decided to hit up Rozelle Markets. We actually didn't find many things that we wanted and only settled for a few bits (which I'll show you in another post). I took a few snaps of the market and thought I'd show you guys. 

How creepy is this baby doll?! And the box of naked barbies behind it!! There were actually so many weird creepy dolls, ahhhh. 

Cue sunglasses / Topshop tank / DIY ripped jeans / Lipstik cutout boots

Despite it being the first day of winter, I know how hot it gets walking around markets so I went with this basic tank and paired it with my ripped jeans. I love how the ripped jeans and chunky boots look together! 

Piccolo's Cafe Rozelle

We went across the road to a cute little cafe called 'Piccolo's' for lunch, they had a really pretty outdoor sitting area out the back! Nicole (how cute is her outfit?!) ordered a frappe and French toast and I got their fresh chai and steak sandwich, so yum! 


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